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Hello! I’m Beth Seliga, of 3 Cats Photo. I began my photography career with the exhilarating rush of photographing professional cyclists from the back of a motorcycle. My sports photography images were featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and Pro Cycling, among other international publications. The start of a family was also the start of professional change for me.My family and I make our home in Albemarle County, where we strive to live sustainably.

I’ve been recognized locally & Internationally for my portrait photography and published in blogs and magazines around the world.

My work has been described as stunning and artistically visionary. Passionate about photographing the bond of love, I approach photography with professionalism and a firm belief in documenting the energy and joy of relationships. 

I'm an avid hiker, the owner of 4 cats, and always striving to elevate my work. Because I especially love animals, children, and the Earth, I donate a portion of my profits to Farm Sanctuary. 

I believe in equality, love and non-traditional gender roles. I believe that brides and grooms are equally as important on wedding days and that portraits should reflect your inner glow and no one elses. 

images by Melissa Bliss Photography

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