Kitty Cat Ghost Template

What have we all been so busy with this fall? We have been homeschooling, digging dahlias, saving our garden goodies, and prepping gardens. So here is a fast, easy way to Halloween up your front porch without buying anything new! Renewable, reusable, and easily storable!

Gather the goods -

Get creative. 1) Any topiary, a pot with a basketball, will work - anything with a rounded top. I used my standard front door topiaries.
2) Scissors
3) Sewing pins, but you could use double-sided tape too!
4) Some h

Grow Along with Me - Part 1

Step 1

Gather what you need

Getting started in a very easy and budget friendly process!

1) Microgreens seeds
2) A clean sterile growing medium - I like promix
3) A small measuring device
4) Trays to grow in - I like these 5X5 bootstrap farmer trays.
5) Azomite - Optional

Step 2

Measure and Plant

NOTE - Clean everything thoroughly!!
1) Load your trays with clean growing medium
2) Use the chart provided at Bootstrap to measure the precise amount of seeds.
3) Evenly disperse the seeds

Step 3

Stack and Keep hydrated

Stack your trays, one on top of the other, with a brick on top for the number of days on the chart. Make sure to keep them sprayed until they germinate and bottom water after germination.