Session Share || Welcome to the World Baby Girl || Red Thread || Spring 2017

The more I photograph brand new families, the more I love sessions in the home. Time flies so quickly by and before long, the bottles are replaced with sippie cups and the diapers are replaced with ballet shoes.  It seems like you will remember, forever, the way your home looked, the way the nursery looked when it was fresh and new, but those memories pass by too. When I look back on my children’s baby days, I wish that I had captured more every day moments. I wish I had more images rocking my babies in the rocking chair my parents bought me. I wish I had more images carrying them on my shoulder. So, those are the images I try to make for my families!

I hope you enjoy this peek into this beautiful little family’s Saturday routine. Long snuggles, books in bed, cuddling with kitties and enjoying coffee while cuddling their baby girl. Their house is positively adorable, adorned with globes, birds and sweet little touches that make it a perfect home!


And, 3 kitties!! What could be better than that?!?!






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